Coindesk’s Consensus: Money Reimagined Summit

Dan Tapiero is the Managing Partner, CEO, and CIO of 1RoundTable Partners, a private equity fund focused exclusively on investing at the growth stage in the digital asset ecosystem. He is also the CEO and Managing Partner of 10T. Dan brings 30 years of experience in macro and commodity investing and trading, research and economics, as well as entrepreneurship. Previously, Dan was the founder and managing partner of DTAP Capital Advisors, a global macro investment fund. He is the co-founder of Gold Bullion International, a physical precious metals platform for the wealth management industry that expanded into the cryptocurrency universe in 2014, as well as the Agricultural Company of America, one of the largest farmland REITs in the U.S. at the time of its sale in 2013. From 1992-2012, Dan was a macro-focused portfolio manager and analyst at Tiger Management, Duquesne Capital Management, Steinhardt Management Co., and SAC Capital Advisors.